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Fake ID // Driver's license or state ID in Connecticut

Fake ID in Connecticut


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How it works
Order a card and fill in the form
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Post the form and payment to us
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We make the card and post it to you
Cards are printed and posted same day.
You can choose one of the options:
Driver's license or state ID.
We print on:
PVC and Teslin.
Term of use:
Five years.
We use relevant templates:
Now we provide two types of IDs for Connecticut: the NEW and the OLD design (you can select between these options while placing the order). Both are in use in the state, the difference is in the date of creation – the NEW one was started in 2017.
Features that make our replicas the most secure:
  • We provide our replicas of NEW design with figures of the proper kind and specific lines that cannot be seen under the ordinary light;
  • The design assumes pictures of an airplane and a whale backgrounding the card (with the specific borders that are seen only under the ultraviolet);
  • The image of the ID's owner contains symbols appearing under the UV-light;
  • The sign CONNECTICUT is placed below the signature and in the bottom left corner and the top right corner (not visible under the ordinary light);
  • The ghost picture duplicates the main portrait and the ghost image of a whale is placed below the flashlight;
  • The design also contains a micro sign of a heart associated with organ donations;
  • The blacklight test shows an image of the oak tree.
Our documents can be scanned:
There are no magnetic strips on the cards of the NEW design but there are barcodes (of one- and two-dimension), readable for the scanning machines.
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Full Info:

A big part of the orders for the fake IDs is placed for the Connecticut ID replicas. Our customers report about the high quality of the produced cards that are often taken for real ones without any troubles. We can recommend Connecticut fake IDs for using inside and outside of the state, unlike replicas of other states that are usually recommended for out-of-state use. Our product is perfectly similar to the real IDs and imitates all the specification of one.
We recommend sticking to the main rules of confidence, using Connecticut fake ID:

* Be confident, feel confident and speak confidently when you show the replica;
* Provide us with your real data for the documents, since you may be asked for the additional info and it is convenient when your fake ID is bound to the real bank card or SS card;
* Go party! Buy alcohol! Use the variety of the options that our replicas give to you.