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Fake ID // Driver's license or state ID in Alaska

Fake ID in Alaska


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How it works
Order a card and fill in the form
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Post the form and payment to us
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We make the card and post it to you
Cards are printed and posted same day.
You can choose one of the options:
Driver's license or state ID.
We print on:
Teslin (it is a specific material updated to pass bending test).
Term of use:
Five years.
We use relevant templates:
Templates of IDs in the state of Alaska were updated in 2014 by DMV. In 2019, more changes are planned. For now, we are using the previous template to produce our documents and have 4 years of experience in it.
Features that make our replicas the most secure:
  • The ID contains tinted ghost picture of the owner's photo on the front side;
  • On the right bottom of the document there is a tiny map of Alaska, exactly below the duplicating owner's photo;
  • The number of the driving license contains seven figures and is located on the right top;
  • Teslin is a specially selected material due to its excellent characteristics of passing the bending test and blacklight test;
  • If you order the replica documents from us, we will make a similar ID with your real data on it.
Our documents can be scanned:
All replicas are provided with actual barcodes that are properly read with the scanner.
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Full Info:

More often, the bouncers do not know the details of the security features that Alaska State IDs should have. This is why this kind of replica documents have great feedback from the owners, which use them beyond the state borders. Even more, we can emulate the security features of these documents due to their simplicity. Alaska fake IDs are one of the most popular replicas in the market and we usually recommend our customers to opt for them.
We recommend sticking to the main rules of confidence, using Alaska fake ID:

* Be confident, feel confident and speak confidently when you show the replica;
* Provide us with your real data for the documents, since you may be asked for the additional info and it is convenient when your fake ID is bound to the real bank card or SS card;
* Go party! Buy alcohol! Use the variety of the options that our replicas give to you.